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still growing?

Is your company

Over a number of clients, by gaining new ones, your company starts to lose money. Want to know which number that is? Want to find out how to efficiently reorganize?

Did you know that a study at Harvard Business School says a company, like a man, has 5 stages of life? Did you know that at each stage it is necessary to do some basic things without reinventing the wheel? Your company at what stage of life is it?

Did you know that there is a moment in your company's life when you need to think about mergers and acquisitions?

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High employee rotation?

Low involvement?

Keeping good employees increases productivity with 21% and profitability with 22%. ( Performance as a system leads to 50% less employee departures and 38% more productivity. (Harvard Business Review, April 2015)

Businesses with a vigorous culture have a 4,1 times revenue growth. (Forbes, 2011)

Did you know these things depend on the organigram which features the delegation and responsibility system, performance evaluation and the classification of employees by value and role importance?

advantages of digital economy?

Do you profit from the

In 4 years, 25% of the world’s economy will be digitalized. This means a 9% revenue increase and a 7% cost decrease. (Microsoft, 2016)

In 5 years, the „Millennials” ('81-'96) will become 25 – 40 years old. This is the first generation connected to the internet.

Can you keep up with the digitalization and profit from it? You only have to gain from this. Do you know how?

these challenges?

Do you face

Consolidation and Growth Plan
Key Interventions by QUEENABLE

Queenable Concept

We offer support in consolidating and growing companies!

What we do exactly?
We create and implement complete business solutions, based on a company’s profile and data. Turnkey delivery with 3-month interventions.
We work with the company as a whole, not piece by piece. We are a team of practitioners, not consultants, covering 10 business fields.
How we do it?
What makes us different?
We are the first national company, dedicated do consolidating and growing businesses. We work on projects, with multidisciplinary teams. We do guerilla interventions, through guerilla actions, at guerilla costs.

We do things with your support, without calling for additional resources from your business.

How do we contribute to your company’s success in 5 steps?

We offer a multidisciplinary team and a consolidation and preparation plan.

1. Getting to know each other

We get in touch with your company, in which you have invested so much time, ideas and money.

2. Documenting and analyzing the growth stage of your company

We work together, with a precise data collecting instrument.

3. We apply the QUEENABLE consolidation and growth model

We identify the areas which need consolidating and growing.

4. We offer you the consolidation and growth plan

We present you with the first version of the QUEENABLE plan.

5. We implement the consolidation and growth plan

We implement classic and modern systems, processes and instruments, tested by QUEENABLE. At the end, you receive a “user guide” and training for your employees.

Receive an analysis of the state of your business, and a set of mandatory actions, transposed into a personalized Consolidation and Growth Plan.

Do you know how to prepare your company for each and every life stage?

Discover the QUEENABLE instruments below.

Competencies and certifications

We bring to the table top notch competencies and certifications.

Do you prefer disparate or integrated services?


We offer you a multidisciplinary team.

Victor Tudoran
Senior Managing Partner
Adrian Iacobus
Bianca Tudor
Mircea Tudor
Cristian Gheorghe Cuciureanu
Cristina Strejac

Collaboration Options

3 or 4 months subscriptions

Our subscriptions have 3 complexity levels, based on the size and priority of the investment, as well as the time required for implementing.

The subscriptions contain effective implementation of systems, processes and instruments.

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QUEENABLE services are dedicated to companies having more than 10 employees or partners.